The challenge to finding an employer-sponsor (2010)

Final Report

The authors of this report have used both quantitative and qualitative research methods to explore the challenge for apprentices of finding an employer-sponsor.

The authors have analysed statistical trends based on Statistics Canada’s National Apprenticeship Survey (NAS) data collected in 2007. They also held 13 focus groups where more than a hundred apprentices talked about their experiences in finding an individual employer sponsor. The focus groups were held from March to June 2009 and included apprentices from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia.

Some of the suggestions that emerged from the focus groups included continuing support for career awareness programs and pre-apprenticeship programs; communicating the value of apprenticeship to employers; and creating a list of employers who are interested in hiring apprentices.

This document was prepared by the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum (CAF), a national non-for-profit organization that promotes apprenticeship as an effective means of training and education.

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