Essential Skills Profiles: Top 50 Entry-Level Jobs in Canada (2011)

This document, published by Kingston Literacy & Skills, is a resource that links literacy practitioners, case managers, employment counsellors, assessors, employers, and lower-skill clients within the framework of Essential Skills.

The authors have provided Training Incorporating Essential Skills (TIES) profiles for the top 50 entry-level jobs nationally, along with the levels 1, 2, and some level 3 Essential Skills that clients need to perform them successfully. The jobs are arranged in numerical order according to their National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes.

Each profile includes, in point form, examples of how each Essential Skill might be used for job tasks in that classification, with the most important skills for the job highlighted. Some tasks also include a frequency modifier, such as daily, weekly, monthly, frequently, occasionally, or rarely, which indicates how regularly a task is performed.

The authors have also noted the kinds of math performed in the numeracy tasks. For instance, the profile for bartenders says that the job involves taking payments in the form of cash or credit cards and making change, which requires the skill of money math. That skill will be used daily.

Kingston Literacy & Skills is a community-based program in the Thousand Islands region of Ontario.

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