Moving Forward on Workplace Learning (2008)

Report from the Forum on Employer Investment in Workplace Learning

The author notes that Canada lags behind other developed countries when it comes to the percentage of workers participating in job-related education and training. To understand better why this is the case, the Canadian Council on Learning (CCL) commissioned Canadian Policy Research Networks (CPRN) to prepare a discussion paper on employer investment in workplace learning in Canada.

CPRN and CCL then brought together leaders from the business and labour communities, colleges, and the federal and provincial governments to discuss the issues raised in this paper and to identify steps that should be taken to improve the quantity and quality of employer investment. This forum was held in Ottawa in November 2006.

In this document, the author reports on the highlights of the discussion at the forum and the ideas for action that emerged from it. Key issues raised include insufficient employer investment and the need for leadership at the national level in order to move forward.

The author notes that money for training costs is not the only issue. Workers need time off to participate in training programs; teaching approaches need to be sensitive to adult learning styles; and high-quality programs are needed to generate the results that will invite employers to increase investment and make workers want to participate.

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