Nourishing the Learning Spirit: Elders' Dialogue (2008)

In this document, the author provides an account of a forum for Aboriginal elders, organized by the Aboriginal Learning Knowledge Centre (AbLKC) and held in Loon Lake, Saskatchewan, in March 2008.

The “Elders’ Dialogue” event provided an opportunity to gather together male and female elders from diverse language groups to talk about the concepts of lifelong learning, the learning spirit and nourishing the learning spirit.

Among the messages to emerge from the elders’ discussions were the need to take good care of the earth; the importance of learning and preserving Aboriginal languages; the role of the spirit world and the gifts of dreams and visions; and the importance of traditional ceremonies in maintaining a culture.

Most of the elders chose to speak in their first languages, which included Cree, Dene and Nakwe. Simultaneous translation was provided.

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