Aboriginal Literacy & the Importance of "Unlearning" (2011)

Panel presentation by Allan Quigley, St. Francis Xavier University

In this document, presented as part of a panel discussion during the launch of the Aboriginal Adult Literacy Assessment Tool (AALAT), the author argues that current measures of literacy are arbitrary criteria that are biased against Aboriginal people.

The author says that adult literacy is defined and measured by agreement within the dominant culture. Minority cultures, including Aboriginal peoples, are expected to conform to those standards.

He urges a rethinking or “unlearning” of conventional views about the requisite skills of literacy. He asks what the definition of literacy would look like if Aboriginal people had been the researchers, policymakers and educators in Canada during the past 200 years and concludes that the definition would then include a fuller recognition of multiple First Nations languages, along with a greater appreciation of the importance of oral communication.

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