Tools for the Trades (2011)

A guide to the world of skilled trades & apprenticeships in Ontario

This document offers a comprehensive guide to skilled trades and apprenticeships in Ontario.

The authors have included information about several provincial programs, including Passport to Prosperity, which links employers and students through work experience; Second Career, which helps laid-off workers train for new jobs; and Job Connect, which serves people who are out of school, out of work or finished training by helping them find and keep jobs, get more training, or return to school.

The authors have also included definitions for many apprenticeship-related terms; descriptions of the work involved in a variety of skilled trades; suggestions for high school courses that can help students prepare for an apprenticeship; and information about health and safety.

While the document deals specifically with apprenticeships in Ontario, there is a great deal of general information that would be useful for anyone interested in working in a skilled trade.

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