Learning Materials in Instruction - Summary Report (2009)

This document grew out of a research project sponsored by SkillPlan, the British Columbia Construction Industry Skill Improvement Council, with funding from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

The project’s primary purpose was to explore whether work-related materials, as part of an instructional curriculum, are more effective in skill development than other instructional materials.

The study concluded that the group that had more than 50 per cent work-related learning materials increased their employment-related skills – specifically reading, document use and numeracy – at a higher rate than the group that had 50 per cent or less work-related materials.

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SkillPlan & Theresa Kline (2009). Learning Materials in Instruction - Summary Report. Retrieved November 26, 2022, from http://en.copian.ca/library/research/skillplan/learnmatsr/learnmatsr.pdf
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