Compendium of Adaptive Technologies (2011)

A resource guide for adult educators

This resource guide is designed to help adult educators discover and sort through the adaptive technology that is available to help people who have learning disabilities or other challenges that affect their learning.

The authors have included information on software for reading; scanning and optical character recognition (OCR); organization and planning; writing and editing; and ease of access. They have listed both free software and programs that are available for purchase.

The authors describe some of the hardware support that is available for people with learning disabilities as well as for those with impairments in mobility, hearing or vision. For example, they describe a computer mouse that can be used by people with poor motor control and a hands-free amplifier that can supplement a hearing aid.

As well, the authors have listed some training opportunities for practitioners who want to use such technology with their students.

The authors note that the contact and purchase information is correct as of the time of publication but may change in the future.

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