FASD Workplace Literacy Assessment Instructions (2010)

This document provides a means of testing the numeracy, reading, and writing skills of employees with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

The section on numeracy includes questions about numeric values; arithmetic; understanding and calculating with currency; and physical/time relations. The reading section includes questions about reading and writing letters of the alphabet; recognizing common sounds; recognizing the parts of a sentence; and making inferences about text.

In the writing section, the assessor uses a single sample of writing to assess six different skills, including ability to respond to a question; basic spelling skills; punctuation; capitalization; sentence agreement; and ability to write complete sentences.

The sections on numeracy and reading include the answers for all questions while the writing section includes rubrics for assessing performance.

This assessment tool is used in conjunction with the corresponding document “FASD Workplace Literacy – Assessment Results Explanation.”

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