FASD Workplace Literacy: Assessment Results Explanation (2010)

This document is used in conjunction with “FASD Workplace Literacy Assessment Instructions,” which provides a means of testing the numeracy, reading, and writing skills of employees with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

The first section of the document is to be used by a practitioner before a learner completes an FASD literacy course. Based on the learner’s response to the workplace literacy assessment, it points out areas where extra support may be required.

The second section revisits the assessment process after the learner has completed the literacy course. The authors give practical advice based on the learner’s scores on the assessment. For example, a learner whose average score on understanding numeric values is one out of a possible four points will be unable to read and understand number relationships and should avoid tasks dealing with numbers. Someone whose score is three will have few problems but may need some support understanding numbers.

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