Assessment in Deaf Adult Literacy (2011)

A National Study

This project was prompted by another initiative of the Deaf Literacy Initiative (DLI), an umbrella organization that provides training, research, networking and resources to the deaf and deaf/blind literacy community in Ontario.

DLI has been preparing an employment-based literacy assessment tool it wants to share with Deaf Adult Literacy Programs (DALPs) outside Ontario. As little is known about Canadian DALPs, this project was launched to fill that knowledge gap.

The project, carried out between October 2010 and March 2011, included a review of literature and the gathering of information through questionnaires, interviews and a focus group. The author describes the report as providing a snapshot of 16 DALPs across Canada.

Based on the research findings, the author suggests that more work needs to be done to develop successive American Sign Language (ASL) levels for deaf adults, an ASL curriculum, and assessment tools specifically for deaf learners.

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