Assessment Tools in the Workplace (2005)

A Report on Pre-employment Testing Practices - Part 1 and Part 2

This report is based on a research project that analyzed five pre-employment tests to determine the skill level required to complete them successfully. Three of the tests were commercially available ones, while the others had been prepared in-house by individual employers. All were being used by employers in eastern Ontario.

In particular, the researchers were interested in how well the tests assessed Essential Skills (ES) and whether they demanded an ES level beyond the ability of an entry-level candidate.

The project also involved a review of literature about pre-employment testing.

Based on their findings, the authors encourage employers to choose pre-employment tests carefully to make sure the skills being tested match the skills required for the job in question. They urge employers not to rely solely on such tests to screen would-be employees, but to use them simply as part of the selection process.

They also point out that pre-employment testing is on the rise, a fact that has important implications for literacy practitioners. Instructors must ensure that adult learners develop test-taking skills as well as literacy skills.

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