Hospitality Curriculum: Learner (2004)

This document is part of a series of Essential Skills occupational curricula developed by Quinte Literacy Group and Literacy Link Eastern Ontario (LLEO) for use in adult upgrading programs. It is paired with a corresponding practitioner’s guide.

The authors have divided the material into five modules, including an introduction to jobs available in the hospitality industry; reading directions; writing; numeracy; and safety. For example, the authors describe the job of a host by explaining that the host greets the customer at a restaurant or event and may show a visitor to a meeting room; seat the customer at a table; offer a menu; and describe any restaurant specials.

Each module contains learning activities based on real-life situations and materials. For example, the module on reading directions includes an activity based on the information found on the label of a product used to clean windows, while the numeracy module contains examples of time sheets and pay stubs.

Learning activities include True or False, Fill in the blanks, and matching exercises.

The authors have also included a unit on kitchen safety, which focuses on dealing with hazardous materials, avoiding cuts and burns, and preventing strain-related injuries.

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