What is in a Technology Competency? (2011)

A recipe for the skill(ed) use of digital tools

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The goal of this technical paper is to provide a basis for discussing and further defining the skills that adults need to use digital technology effectively in order to participate fully in society.

It is based on the preliminary development work for a technology-related competency within the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF) Initiative. However, the author notes that the paper is not limited to the OALCF context but can be applied to the development of performance indicators within any curriculum framework.

Among the recommendations included in the paper are updating the current computer use Essential Skills description to focus on “digital technology use” competency; developing performance indicators that would be applicable and transferable to any competency-based curriculum; exploring the challenges presented by the ever-increasing use of digital technology devices; and fostering the development of vision and leadership among program administrators to further the integration of technology into adult literacy programming.

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