Welcoming Employees with FASD into your Workplace (2010)

Helping Adults with FASD

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), a brain injury that occurs during pregnancy, is one of the most common disabilities in today’s world. The goals of this guide are to help employers begin to understand FASD; to help reduce the stigma of FASD; and to suggest practical strategies to help adults with FASD succeed in the workplace.

The authors begin by exploring the facts and the myths about FASD, then go on to discuss strategies for helping someone with FASD get and keep a job. Some of the topics covered are the importance of clear language in the workplace; support and training in the workplace; job coaching and mentoring; and job carving, which involves taking certain duties from a number of jobs and combining them into a new position that an employee with FASD can handle.

The document also includes three sample case histories; a sample job application and interview questions; and suggestions for further reading.

A CD that accompanies the guide contains PowerPoint presentations on building diversity; understanding processing disabilities; and the importance of plain language.

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