Skilled Trades Helpers & Labourers Curriculum: Learner (2004)

This document is part of a series of occupational curricula, based on Essential Skills and designed for use in adult upgrading programs. It is paired with a corresponding practitioner’s guide.

The authors begin by discussing the role of the skilled trades helper in assisting skilled tradespersons by performing a variety of labour activities on construction sites. They discuss the job prospects, educational requirements, and personal qualities needed by potential helpers. Those qualities include the ability to work with others, communication skills, critical thinking skills, and perseverance.

Among the skilled tradesperson who may require helpers are carpenters; cement masons and finishers; industrial painters; plumbers; roofers and shinglers; terrazo, tile and marble craftspeople; and other skilled workers in the construction trades.

Other modules deal with equipment and materials; numeracy; and health and safety.

Learning activities are based on situations encountered in construction, like calculating the amount of flooring needed for a project or determining the precautions to take when working with hazardous materials.

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