Supported Job Search - Part B: Student Manual (2004)

This manual introduces students completing their academic programs at a learning centre to the concept of a supported job search. The author notes that both job clubs and a supported job search are based on the premise that looking for work should not be done in isolation.

The author explains that during the process, the student will not just be learning about how to find a job but will actually be searching for a job, with the help of a job search coach.

The author provides a variety of exercises to help the student narrow the focus of the job search; determine the Essential Skills required for a particular job; prepare applications and portfolios; get ready for job interviews; and use a variety of sources to find out about available jobs.

The author also explains what the job search coach can and cannot do for the student, pointing out that the student will be expected to do 90 per cent of the work involved while the coach helps keep the process on track.

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