EmployAbility Success! Essential Skills at Work (2011)


This workbook offers students a chance to practise Essential Skills and, at the same time, learn how those skills are applied in the workplace.

The authors have created four characters who work in four different entry-level jobs. Each of the characters is presented in workplace scenarios that require them to apply reading, numeracy and document use skills. For instance, in the module on document use, one character must check the accuracy of the packing slip for a shipment.

Workbook activities allow students to practise using Essential Skills in similar job tasks; use questions, discussion opportunities, and special workplace know-how tips to reflect on the realities of the workplace; complete extra activities that reinforce the Essential Skill already used; and self-assess on the Essential Skills before and after completing each module.

The workbook also includes practitioner guidelines and answer keys.

Practitioners in Ontario can use this workbook in conjunction with a separate document that shows the relationship between the job tasks in EmployAbility Success! and the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF).

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