Comparative Analysis of CLB Benchmarking Methods (2011)

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In Canada, many projects have been undertaken to determine the language demands of a specific occupation or program. While each project has added something to the understanding of occupational language benchmarking, there is no single source of information for describing and comparing these processes; the outcomes achieved; and the lessons learned.

This project was designed to develop a way to compare and analyze the different methods that have been used to benchmark occupations and applied college programs in Canada. The authors conducted an environmental scan of benchmarking projects in Canada and approached project owners to obtain copies of reports and any available information.

Based on their research, the authors recommend establishing a forum for the discussion of key issues in language benchmarking; establishing guidelines for benchmarking projects; providing ongoing training programs for benchmarking practitioners; and encouraging further research in several key areas, including longitudinal studies to determine the effectiveness of the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) framework.

This study focused solely on English language benchmarks and projects relating to benchmarking in English.

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