Loud & clear: The Alberta non-profit workforce speaks up (2011)

In the fall of 2011, more than 500 nonprofit sector employees in Alberta responded to an online survey about their employment experiences. This report summarizes the insights and recommendations the employees shared about how to attract, develop and retain staff in the nonprofit sector.

Generally, respondents rated being valued for their contribution as the most relevant issue in workplace satisfaction. Those who had worked in the nonprofit sector for more than 10 years were equally concerned about wages and compensation, while those who had worked in that sector for two years or less cited opportunities for professional development as the second most relevant issue.

Respondents also raised concerns about a lack of funding for nonprofit organizations, leading to insufficient compensation for employees. That, in turn, results in higher turnover and staff burnout and, ultimately, an inability to meet community needs.

The survey was carried out by the Alberta Nonprofit Workforce Council, a group of individuals and organizations that are committed to finding long-term solutions to key issues in the sector. For more information, please click here: http://www.workforceconnect.ca.

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