Employee Retention, Labour Turnover and Knowledge Transfer (2004)

A Report from the Round Table Discussions with Selected Employment Groups

This report, commissioned by the Canadian Plastics Sector Council (CPSC), provides an analysis of best practices in worker retention and knowledge transfer strategies. It contains both a review of the literature on best practices and a number of case studies of best practices in Canadian plastics manufacturing firms.

The authors found that low turnover was not necessarily the result of a formalized retention strategy. Instead, many of the firms were using their own knowledge and creativity to develop innovative practices that were appropriate to their own unique circumstances.

At the same time, there were common principles upon which good retention practices are built. The firms studied all had a strategic understanding of their workforce skill requirements; emphasized the importance of responsive and open communications; and based their practices upon the principle of treating people fairly.

CPSC is a national association set up to explore and address emerging human resources issues in the plastics processing industry.

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