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So you want to start a reading circle... (2009)

How to set up and run reading circles

This guide is a compilation of the knowledge, experience and best practice that has accumulated from the extensive knowledge Frontier College has acquired as well as and its work with reading circles throughout Canada since 1988. This guide is designed to help interested individuals, groups and organizations run and set up an efficient reading circle.

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Helping Communities Bloom (2009)

A Family Literacy Resource Guide for British Columbia

This Family Literacy Resource Guide is intended to provide support and information to the many individuals and groups
involved in family literacy throughout the province of British Columbia.

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Books in the Home Program - Snow? Let's Go (2006)

Books in the Home is a program used widely in Canada. The program is based on the belief that parents are children's first and most important teachers. In this program, parents learn to read and share books with their children in positive and enjoyable ways. The program promotes reading and writing of both parents and children.

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How to Help Your Child Learn to Read and Love Reading (2006)

Parent Guide

This guide was prepared for parents of children in grades 1 to 3, the time when most children learn to read. The guide contains tips to help your child read and develop a love of reading. Choose the tips that are the most helpful and fun for you and your child. This guide comes with a warm welcome from PEI's libraries. A new library keycard is attached to the cover of the guide.

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Quality Storytents (2006)

A Resource for Family, Early Childhood and Community Literacy Workers

The Quality Storytent Program is a means of providing literacy access and support where these might not otherwise appear.

The document includes the following:
1- An introduction to storytent
2- The philosophy behind it
3- How to plan for one
4- How to deliver a Quality storytent
5- Special challenges
6- References and indexes.

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