Who Likes Science and Why? Individual, Family and Teacher Effects (2006)

There is worldwide concern that young people seem to be losing interest in science and technology. This report examines the conditions that seem to make science more attractive for students, including fostering children’s natural curiosity, and the presence of positive attitudes towards science and math both at school and at home.

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Report on Consultations with Adults Living with HIV/AIDS (2009)

Fact Sheet

This fact sheet offers a quick summary of the consultations carried out by the Adult Working Group (AWG) of the Health and Learning Knowledge Centre (HLKC) to identify themes, gaps and needs for adult living with HIV/AIDS.

Participants included adults living with HIV/AIDS and service-providers from Edmonton (AB), Montreal (QC) and different parts of Nova Scotia.

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Report on Consultations with Adults Living with HIV/AIDS (2008)

Full Report

This document grew out of a Health and Learning Knowledge Centre (HLKC) consultation organized by the Canadian Council on Learning (CCL) in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2005. The meeting saw the establishment of working groups to concentrate on health-related issues for identified priority groups, including adults living with HIV/AIDS.

This report is based on consultations held in Montreal (QC); Edmonton (AB); and Truro (NS).

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Accredited Online Colleges on the Rise (2012)

In this paper, the author suggests that distance learning is not only here to stay, but will have an unprecedented impact on the educational systems currently in place.

The promise of online learning is that it will one day deliver personalized content to every student, tailored to each individual’s learning style and presented at a pace determined by the individual’s ability and availability.

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Dilemmas of Owners and Workers in a Risk Society (2009)

CPRN Research Report

The paper examines perceptions of risk among employees and employers in small information technology (IT) firms. The authors point to an environment of growing insecurity about unemployment, underemployment and the future of pension plans. Specifically, they investigate what meaning workers attach to risks borne to support the viability of the firm.

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2008 Survey of Canadian Attitudes toward Learning: Results for learning throughout the lifespan (2009)

This annual survey provides a look at Canadians’ opinions, beliefs and experiences with learning across the lifespan. The 2008 edition covers four learning domains: early childhood learning; structured learning at the elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels; work-related adult learning; and health-related learning.

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Successful Transitions... To College Post-secondary and Apprenticeship Programs (2008)

Part of the Learner Skill Attainment Framework Initiative

Successful Transitions to College Post-secondary and Apprenticeship Programs is a follow-up study to the 2007 report entitled Essential Skills for Success in College Post-secondary and Apprenticeship Programs.

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"I've opened up" (2006)

Exploring Learners' Perspectives on Progress

This project explored what constitutes progress in community-based literacy programs from the perspective of learners. The research took place between December 2004 and January 2006.

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Family Literacy in Ontario (2006)

Putting it on the Map!

This position paper presents a vision of a professional, fully funded and secure infrastructure for family literacy.

Investing in family literacy programming is a concrete and proactive way to
address the educational and training needs of Ontario's future.

By investing in family literacy, Ontario can take its place as a leader in the area of this important intergenerational approach.

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Listening to the Women's Voices (1991)

Women's Education des femmes, Fall 1991 - Vol. 9, No. 2

In this article, the authors look at the differences in behaviour, learning styles and attitudes between women and men in a traditional classroom.

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