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Welcoming Employees with FASD into your Workplace (2010)

Helping Adults with FASD

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), a brain injury that occurs during pregnancy, is one of the most common disabilities in today’s world. The goals of this guide are to help employers begin to understand FASD; to help reduce the stigma of FASD; and to suggest practical strategies to help adults with FASD succeed in the workplace.

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Giving Back: Volunteering for Work Experience Program (2005)

The goal of this program is to help Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) learners prepare to work as volunteers as a way of developing skills and gaining experience that can be applied in the workforce or used to increase personal independence.

In this document, the authors describe the background, development and results of the Giving Back project, and provide recommendations for modifying it to suit specific groups of learners.

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Recognizing Life's Work (2010)

Helping Learners Connect their Essential Skills from Home to Work - A Practitioner's Resource Kit

Over the course of 18 months, participants in the Recognizing Life’s Work project looked at how daily home and leisure activities help adults develop Essential Skills. Their goal was to provide credibility and validation for those skills. This resource manual is the outcome of that project.

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Competencies Plus... My Tools to Succeed (2010)

Facilitator's Kit, Guide

This is an activity kit that helps participants to create a self-portrait of their essential skills.

This guide is designed for workers in the field of employment, especially those who help others in their life/work journeys. It offers six activities, two of which are games.

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We are an Island (2002)

Cape Breton Island Social Studies Resource

We are an Island is a collection of 41 lessons on Cape Breton Island social studies topics, including geography, history, civics and current events. Each lesson is accompanied by vocabulary exercises and comprehension questions. These activities are designed to meet outcomes specified by the Nova Scotia Adult Learning Program Levels 1 and 2.

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