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Adult Literacy in Ontario (1998)

The International Adult Literacy Survey Results

In 1990, Statistics Canada released the results of the Survey of Literacy Skills Used in Daily Activities (LSUDA), a 1989 Canada-wide survey of the reading skills of adults. In 1992, the then Ontario Ministry of Education reported on the LSUDA results for Ontario (Stan Jones, Survey of Adult Literacy in Ontario).

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Report Card (2006)

The document "Report Card", published by the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council, is an overview of the IALSS, released in 2005.

The main themes of the document are:
- Labour Market Outcomes
- Industry Sectors
- Incidence of Low Proficiency

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Study Reveals Cracks in Canada's Literacy Foundation: Community says politics must not stand in the way of progress - comments by MCL (2005)

This press release from the Movement for Canadian Literacy regarding the 2003 International Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey (IALLSS) which reveals serious cracks in Canada's literacy foundation with as many as 4 in 10 Canadian adults below the skill level considered necessary to thrive in today's knowledge society.

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