Great Food for Northern Cooks – Clear and Easy Recipes (2013)

This cookbook is aimed in particular at those living and cooking in Canada’s northern region, with recipes based on ingredients that can be found in that area. Some feature ingredients like caribou meat and bannock, the flatbread that is a staple in many Aboriginal communities.

It includes information on cooking equipment; methods of food preparation; stove and oven settings; and cooking measurements in both imperial and metric.

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Healthy Living Cookbook (2009)

The recipes in this booklet were provided by women who took part in a project called Healthy Living: Preventing Type II Diabetes in Immigrant Women and their Families.

The recipes come from countries around the world and are grouped into categories of salads and starters, main courses, and desserts.

The authors have also included definitions of common cooking terms.

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Our Favorite Family Recipes...and why we love them!! (2009)

These recipes were collected from women learning English as a Second Language (ESL) in Vancouver. The women, and their recipes, come from many countries: Mexico, Peru, Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Sweden.

In addition to providing ingredients and instructions for the recipes, the women include notes explaining the significance of each dish in their lives or for their families.

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How To Kit - Family Cooking (2008)

Cooking is great family activity. When parents prepare a recipe with their children, they are teaching the children not only cooking skills, but also literacy skills. There are several cooking and literacy extender activities included in this kit. However, preparing any recipe involves literacy. Any time spent talking and doing things together helps preschool children to develop language skills.

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Seniors' Healthy Living Cookbook (2008)

This cookbook was created as part of the Healthy Living Workshop for Seniors program run by the Adult Learning Association of Cape Breton County, Nova Scotia. Workshop participants contributed the recipes for this book, and while most of the recipes were chosen with a deliberate focus on healthy eating, some are for delicious comfort food.

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High Nutrition / Low Budget Cookbook (2006)

This High Nutrition / Low Budget Cookbook includes the following:

-Tips & Hints For Food Shopping;
- Healthy and Unhealthy Habits;
- Comparing Prices;
- Weekly Planner 1 & 2;
- Weekly Planner (blank);
- Healthy Breakfast Options;
- Healthy Lunch Options;
- Chicken/Turkey Dinners;
- Beef Dinners; and
- Pork Dinners.

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The Food Tips Project (2001)

Eight Food Tips written primarily for the 40 percent of adult Canadians who have difficulty reading. The Tips give clear information about healthy eating — information based on Canada`s Food Guide for Healthy Eating

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