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Writing Our Voices (2003)

Stories from UFCW Literacy Students

This booklet is a compilation of stories written by members of a workers' union in Winnipeg, Manitoba attending the UFCW Local 832 Literacy Program. It is a chance for the authors to let their voices and stories be heard. Through these stories, we not only learn about their struggles - we learn about how far they have come. We acknowledge and build on their experiences and skills.

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How To Kit - Book Making (2003)

This document has everything you need to advertise, organize and run a “book making night” for all ages. Book making is a great activity for the whole community.
PDF version also available in sections.

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Expressing Your Ideas (1999)

This lesson plan from CONNECT teaches formatting and inserting Clipart using MS Word, while encouraging learners to express their ideas in a creative writing piece.

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I Did It, So Can You! (2002)

A Collection of Stories From Adult Learners of Prince Edward Island

The voices of the people you hear in this collection reflect a wide range of individual experiences, all of whom have faced and overcome barriers to get to where they are today. These stories are a reflection of their accomplishments.

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Current Writing Attitudes and Practices in Selected Adult Literacy Programs in Western Canada (1999)

This article explores how writing is viewed and used in adult literacy programs as a method of increasing self-awareness. The authors conducted a survey of selected literacy programs, to test assumptions about writing attitudes and practices, and to guide professional development planning for adult literacy coordinators. This article presents the findings of the survey, and discusses implications for professional development training.

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In My Own Words (2002)

Graduation 2002 Yearbook

This Yearbook contains many stories, articles and poems written by the students at East End Literacy (EEL) during their graduation year 2001-2002. By improving, and in many cases, excelling in areas such as reading and writing, speaking and listening, technology and numeracy skills, the students at EEL have proven that community counts.

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2002 NWT Literacy Council Writing Contest (2002)

This book contains the winning entries from the 2002 NWT Writing Contest. Winners were chosen for each range and for each category: fiction, poetry, non-fiction, legends, and French.

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Using Historical Photographs to Stimulate Writing in Adult Literacy and ABE Programs (2000)

Resource Kit with 30 Images from Newfoundland and Labrodor, A

Historical images are used to encourage writing in adult literacy and ABE programs. The kit includes an instructor's guide for using photographs and other writing prompts in the classroom.

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Reader's Voice (2000)

An anthology of writing by learners in the Toronto Public Library – Adult Literacy Program

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Northern Writes 9: Entries from the 2001 NWT Writing Contest (2001)

Stories and poems written by Northerners.
Northern Writes helps Northerners share their stories.

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