Critical thinking

Advice About Giving Advice [Video - 10:22] (2010)

Featuring Kate Nonesuch, Literacy Educator and Curriculum Writer

In this video, part of a series prepared by Literacy Nova Scotia, educator Kate Nonesuch offers tips for giving advice to learners.

If a learner asks for advice, an instructor may respond by telling the learner exactly what to do. But such a response deprives the learner of the opportunity to develop thinking and decision-making skills.

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WWestnet Presents: Taking the next steps together (2004)

Final Report and Resource Guide

This document provides a summary of a two-day symposium organized by WWestnet (Western Canada Workplace Essential Skills Training Network) in Calgary in February 2004.

The symposium was not directed at the needs of a particular training sector but instead, provided an opportunity for trainers from all contexts to view essential skills training issues from a number of perspectives.

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Choosing a job (2009)

Lesson Plan 23

This lesson plan, prepared by ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers, is geared to learners looking for work or planning for employment. The objective of the lesson is to explore decision making, including brainstorming, prioritizing, weighing pros and cons and considering alternative options.

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On the Job: Essential Skill of Thinking (2006)

People coming from different cultures and school systems have developed different ways of thinking and processing information. In some cultures significant use of memory is stressed more than in others. Decision making is discouraged in cultures where a top-down management style is favoured. In other countries secretaries still manage timetables and schedules with the result that some managers have not developed job task planning skills.

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Portfolio Assessment Initiative (2001)

This portfolio assessment initiative has several lists of goals for students and teachers. It includes:
- personal goals
- reading progress checklist
- listening and speaking progress checklist
- writing progress checklist and,
- mathematics progress checklist

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