Early childhood

Storytelling (1998)

A Foundational Pillar of Literacy

Stories fill every comer of our lives. They come to us unsolicited as we overhear a conversation on the bus, and shock us as we listen to the evening news. We surround our children with stories, reading storybooks to them and encouraging them to read good literature, in the hope that they will visit-in their imagination-a world beyond ours.

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Quality Storytents (2006)

A Resource for Family, Early Childhood and Community Literacy Workers

The Quality Storytent Program is a means of providing literacy access and support where these might not otherwise appear.

The document includes the following:
1- An introduction to storytent
2- The philosophy behind it
3- How to plan for one
4- How to deliver a Quality storytent
5- Special challenges
6- References and indexes.

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Life Cycles Education Policy: Adult Education Makes Early Childhood Education a Good Economic Development Strategy (2006)

The author discusses Nobel Prize economist James J. Heckman who was interviewed June of 2005 by the Minneapolis branch of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Mr. Heckman was asked about early childhood education (ECE) as an economic development strategy.

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Promoting Literacy Awareness: Creating a Culture that Values Life-Long Learning (2003)

This report discusses a project designed to increase the awareness and understanding of the factors that contribute to healthy child development, in particular literacy development, during the early years of life.

Provided in the report are a background of literacy in Saint John, New Brunswick, reviews National Child Day celebrations, and recommendations of ways to improve similar campaigns in the future.

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