Seeds for Change (2001)

A Curriculum Guide for Worker-Centred Literacy

This curriculum guide is for trade union educators who are involved in setting up and implementing literacy programs for union members. The guide identifies what makes a trade union approach different from other approaches to workplace literacy. It provides guidelines for curriculum writers and instructors who need to develop materials for union programs.

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Promoting and Encouraging Training in the Canadian Food Retail / Wholesale Industry (2001)

This document entitled "Promoting and Encouraging Training in the Canadian Food Retail / Wholesale Industry" includes the following:
- Background and Purpose;
- Overview of the Training Models;
- Company Approaches in Food Retail and Retail;
- Independents/Small Chains;
- Larger Retail or Food Retail and Wholesale Chains;
- Canadian Sectoral Approaches;
- Canadian Business/Labour Approaches;

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An Overview of the National Literacy Secretariat Business and Labour Partnership (2007)

Policy Digest

The Business and Labour Partnership Program is a program of the National Literacy Secretariat, Human Resources and Social Development Canada started in 1988. Its aim was to develop and sustain partnerships between business, labour, education, and government sectors that would support adult work-related literacy.

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The Transition Penalty: Unemployment Among Recent Immigrants to Canada (2003)

CLBC Commentary

This document gives us CLBC's commentary concerning the unemployment among recent immigrants to Canada.

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Trails to Literacy Around the Province (2002)

Positive Pathways To A Brighter Future

This report is developed to assist literacy agencies and their partners in developing a Trails to Literacy project. Trails is a ‘participatory’ learning concept developed to link learner-driven literacy upgrading with community marketing.

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Submission by the Canadian Labour and Business Centre to the Innovation Engagement Strategy (2002)

The submission was made by The Canadian Labour and Business Centre (CLBC) for the Innovation Engagement Strategy, includes:

- Introduction
- Six discussion questions:
- Targets
- Major challenges
- Government of Canada priorities
- Innovation vision
- Commitments, actions and time lines
- National issues

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Nova Scotia TriPartite Forum Proceedings - July 2005 (2005)

On July 5, 2005, the Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Labour convened a Tripartite Forum on labour/management relations in the province. The Canadian Labour and Business Centre was asked to help to organize and facilitate the Forum.

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Workforce Profile of the Natural Resources Sector (2004)

Profile Summary

This workforce profile of the natural resources sector provides an overview of current workforce demographics and lists a number of areas where action might be taken to address the critical human resource issues of retention, recruitment and skills development. The profile draws upon two primary data sources, the 2003 Labour Force Survey and the 2001 Census of Canada.

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Toward a Multiple Life Cycles Education Policy (2006)

Investing in the Education of Adults to Improve the Educability of Children

This is a paper prepared for presentation at the National Center for Family Literacy Annual Conference March 4th, 2007 in Orlando, Florida. The thesis of the paper holds that investments in adult literacy education can lead to intergenerational effects on the educational achievement of children.

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Portfolio Assessment Initiative (2001)

This portfolio assessment initiative has several lists of goals for students and teachers. It includes:
- personal goals
- reading progress checklist
- listening and speaking progress checklist
- writing progress checklist and,
- mathematics progress checklist

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