Let's Talk Science: Making Science Education Exciting, Relevant and Rewarding (2001)

Let’s Talk Science (LTS) is a national charitable organization that works to improve scientific literacy through innovative educational programs, research, and advocacy.

LTS began in 1991as an outreach project that paired 10 graduate students from the University of Western Ontario with teachers in local schools to raise awareness of science. Now, it reaches more 100,000 youth and educators every year.

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Educator Handbook for ADHD (2004)

This handbook for educators on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) provides readers with basic information about this disorder. It has been organized to address the following topics:

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Orientation Guide for Corrections Educators (2008)

Road Back Home project, Phase Two

This booklet has been written and compiled by active educators working in correctional centers throughout British Columbia. It outlines some of the basic issues that will confront an educator starting a career in Corrections. This booklet is intended to help facilitate an educator's transition from “regular” teaching on the “outside” to a productive and enjoyable career as a Corrections educator.

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Seeds for Change (2001)

A Curriculum Guide for Worker-Centred Literacy

This curriculum guide is for trade union educators who are involved in setting up and implementing literacy programs for union members. The guide identifies what makes a trade union approach different from other approaches to workplace literacy. It provides guidelines for curriculum writers and instructors who need to develop materials for union programs.

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Submission by the Canadian Labour and Business Centre to the Innovation Engagement Strategy (2002)

The submission was made by The Canadian Labour and Business Centre (CLBC) for the Innovation Engagement Strategy, includes:

- Introduction
- Six discussion questions:
- Targets
- Major challenges
- Government of Canada priorities
- Innovation vision
- Commitments, actions and time lines
- National issues

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Report Card (2006)

The document "Report Card", published by the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council, is an overview of the IALSS, released in 2005.

The main themes of the document are:
- Labour Market Outcomes
- Industry Sectors
- Incidence of Low Proficiency

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Breaking the Cycle of Violence (2003)

Resources for Literacy Workers

This book is a resource for literacy workers. One of its focus is on the challenges of people having limited literacy skills when they attempt to access counselling services. It also includes information for workers who may be working with victims of abuse and violence.

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Finding Lost Luggage (1996)

Journeys in Language, Learning and Culture

Finding Lost Luggage by Helen Woodrow is a story in the book Wayfering Journeys in Language, Learning and Culture, it is a collection of writings by ABE instructors and students in Newfoundland brought together for a "language awareness project", designed to explore attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge about language and the teaching of language.

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