Listen to Women in Literacy (1994)

The Power of Woman-Positive Literacy Work

This book explains research done by CCLOW to find out what happened when women in literacy programs decided to do something they thought would be positive for women.

The book can help people understand what the researchers learned about women and literacy. It is hoped it will help readers imagine how to make literacy programs more positive for women. Some programs may use it to start people talking about women in literacy programs.

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Discovering the Strength of Our Voices (1991)

Women and Literacy Programs

This report discusses a research project undertaken to:
• examine how gender and the power balance of the male/female relationship affect women's access to, and experience of, literacy programs and how it affects the impact of literacy programs on women
• determine how literacy programs and literacy practice might be changed to better respond to the reality of the lives of adult women learners, and

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Making Connections Supplemental Document: Antiracist/Culture-Based Approaches (1998)

Making Connections is a book of curriculum for women in literacy and English-as-an-additional language (EAL) programs, developed as a result of the ongoing work of the Literacy Committee of the CCLOW Board. Since its development, some gaps were identified in the curriculum document in addressing racism and presenting culture-based approaches to learning.

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Art/Craft High/Low (1991)

Women's Education Des Femmes, Spring, Vol. 13, No.1

Is it art? The enduring question has been asked since the Renaissance, when high art began to take place in the academies and decorative art was relegated to craft workshops. This article discusses the history of women artists and the reasons for the art/craft division.

The article is presented in English and includes a summary written in French.

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