Functional skills

Fact Sheet: The Adult with Learning Disabilities and Assistive Technology (2011)

The authors begin by explaining that assistive technology refers to any piece of equipment, product or system that directly assists, maintains, or improves the functional capabilities of people with learning disabilities.

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Report Card (2006)

The document "Report Card", published by the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council, is an overview of the IALSS, released in 2005.

The main themes of the document are:
- Labour Market Outcomes
- Industry Sectors
- Incidence of Low Proficiency

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Essential Skills & The Northern Oil and Gas Workforce (2005)

The focus of Essential Skills and the Northern Oil and Gas Workforce was on effective training with a particular emphasis on the role of essential skills enhancement in the development of the northern workforce. It was hoped that this conference would help to raise awareness of essential skills and provide a jumping off point for increased essential skills integration in education and workplace training programs.

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