Gender sensitive approach

The Good Mother (2006)

A Critical Discourse Analysis of Literacy Advice to Mothers in the Twentieth Century

Suzanne Smythe's theseis explores literacy advice to parents as a gendered practice of power rather than an institutional truth.

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Math is a (Wo) man's Subject (1991)

Women's Education des femmes, Summer 1991 - Vol. 9, No. 1

In this article, the author, a secondary school mathematics teacher for many years, discusses how she modified both her teaching and curriculum in response to a growing feminist awareness.

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Feminist Therapy: A Transformative Educational Tool (1985)

Women's Education des femmes, Fall 1985 - vol.4 no. 1

This article critiques existing physical and mental health services for women and discusses new services designed to meet the specific needs of women from a female perspective. The new psychological theory recognizes that females develop differently from males.

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