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How-to-Kit - Science Fun (2008)

Science is a fun way to introduce pre‐schoolers to the world around them. Science activities allow children to ask questions, expand their vocabulary, use their five senses to explore different things, and most of all, have fun while learning. This How‐to‐Kit provides an opportunity to engage families in developing positive attitudes towards science. The activities are easy, fun and hands‐on.

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Deeper Into Math (2005)

Deeper into Math is a math workbook focuse on multiplication, division, fractions and decimals. Each section consists of an explanation of the concept followed by practical exercises. Before tackling the concepts in this workbook, students should complete the pretest included in the book to make sure they have the necessary addition and subtraction skills.

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How To Kit - Family Math (2008)

This How to Kit is a math resource for teachers, family literacy facilitators and families. It offers a variety of easy, fun and hands-on activities for families with children from ages 7 – 10. This kit provides an opportunity to engage families in developing positive attitudes towards math by working and learning together to solve math problems.

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How To Kit - Election 2008 (2008)

Literacy instructors can use this election how-to resource, developed by the Northwest Literacy Council, to teach their students about the election process. Elections come with their own vocabulary, jargon and challenges. They can be intimidating to a learner who is not familiar with the process, but elections are also a great opportunity to build literacy skills.

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Photo Stories (2007)

English 110

This text, developed by the NWT Literacy Council for a basic English course, contains five "photo stories." The stories can be used to initiate discussion on northern topics like dog racing, fishing, sun dogs, the Arctic Winter Games, and crossing the Mackenzie River on a ferry. The instructor can select the handouts needed to teach or reinforce different concepts.

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A Health Literacy Manual for Older Adults (2006)

We know from the 2003 International Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey (IALSS), that many seniors have difficulty reading and writing. Poor literacy skills seriously compromise seniors' health and well-being: if seniors have difficulty reading and writing, they may not able to obtain health information or may not be able to understand instructions.

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Iqaluktuurmiutat: Life at Iqaluktuuq (2007)

This document includes the following section:
- A Place of Many Fish
- A Place to Remember
- Traditional Life at Iqaluktuuq
- An Ancient Homeland
- Thule Inuit - 1250 AD to 1500 AD
- Late Dorset - 800 AD to 1250 AD
- Early and Middle Dorset - 500 BC to 800 AD
- Pre-Dorset — 1800 to 500 BC

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Going to the Doctor (2002)

You Can in the Yukon!

IT'S OK! Lots of people don't like going to the doctor. This book will help you as you go to the doctor.

It includes the following sections:

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Best Practices in Action (2004)

Tools for Community-Based Adult Literacy and Basic Education Programs

The NWT Literacy Council has created a comprehensive framework of best practices that encourages literacy providers to reflect on their practice and learn from others. The framework has three tools:
1. A self-assessment tool for programs
2. A resource of practical ideas to help support best practices
3. Examples of best practices in action in NWT programs

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Cashier Demonstration - LBS Level 3/4 (2005)

The Cashier Demonstration LBS Level 3 booklet gives learners and instructors information on a career as a cashier.

It includes essential core skills chart, demonstrations, resources and other useful information.

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