Literacy philosophy

Literacy - more than words (2008)

Summary of Input on a Literacy Framework for Alberta

This document summarizes comments from over 500 individuals on a literacy framework for Alberta, provided during the Alberta Literacy Forum held in Edmonton in April 2008. The Forum was Alberta's contribution to the Council of Ministers of Education Canada's Pan-Canadian Interactive Literacy Forum. This report on the Forum is organized into the following sections:

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Read Every Day (1998)

This booklet promoting literacy by the National Literacy Secretariat touches on the following topics:
- the importance of literacy;
- the role of the National Literacy Secretariat;
- the importance of partnerships in expanding the literacy skills of Canadians;
- the concept that literacy and learning are inseparable and the importance of being committed to lifelong learning.

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Best Practices in Action (2004)

Tools for Community-Based Adult Literacy and Basic Education Programs

The NWT Literacy Council has created a comprehensive framework of best practices that encourages literacy providers to reflect on their practice and learn from others. The framework has three tools:
1. A self-assessment tool for programs
2. A resource of practical ideas to help support best practices
3. Examples of best practices in action in NWT programs

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Postpositivist Scientific Philosophy: Mediating Convergences (2004)

This short monograph builds on and expands arguments made in Chapters 9 & 10 of the author`s book, Conflicting Paradigms in Adult Literacy Education: In Quest of a U.S. Democratic Politics of Literacy.

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Literacy Frees the World (2004)

A Vision of the Future Through a Prism of the Past

This document is a description of the author's Literacy Frees the World Tour, a series of speeches and workshops made by the author across the United States, in Canada and in England, May 4 to October 18, 2004.

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The Cedar Glen Declaration (1987)

Women's Education des femmes, Spring 1987 • vol.5 no.3

A coalition of ten national organizations concerned with literacy met in 1987 at Cedar Glen, a conference centre north of Toronto, to develop a policy statement on literacy. CCLOW participated in this endeavor and assisted in creating the Cedar Glen Declaration. The complete text of the declaration is presented here, in both English and French.

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Motivation and the Adult New Reader (2002)

Becoming Literate at the Bob Steele Reading Center

A substantial revision of Demetrion's original essay of the same name, which was written in 1994.

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Cognitive Tools and the Acquisition of Literacy (2001)

Working Paper No. 5

This is the fifth paper published by The Centre for Literacy in its Working Papers on Literacy series that presents new perspectives on literacy-related topics relevant to researchers, practitioners and policy-makers. The author's thesis is that our understanding of the world and our acquisition of literacy are shaped by a set of cognitive capacities or "tools" that are present in oral cultures and expand in the early stages of literacy.

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A Critical Pedagogy of the Mainstream (1998)

This article discusses how adult literacy can affect a person's sense of inclusion, well-being, and growth.

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Adult Literacy and the American Political Culture (1997)

In this essay, the author establishes a "middle ground" between the viewpoints of two progressive and radical literacy scholars on the subject of adult literacy.

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