Literacy promotion

Literacy in the workplace: a series of five fact sheets (2008)

This resource about literacy in the workforce consists of the following five fact sheets:
- Introduction - literacy is a right
- Proven advantages for workers, employers, governments
- Labour’s vision for government support
- Best practices
- Measuring success - program evaluation, essential skills, TOWES

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Take Action for Literacy (2008)

A Learners Toolkit

This learner's toolkit begins by providing general information on literacy such as the meaning of the term "literacy" and an explanation of the International Adult Literacy and Skills Survey. It then focuses more specifically on literacy in Nunavut, looking at the literacy levels among adults in Nunavut and the types of programs needed by adult learners in that region.

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Read Every Day (1998)

This booklet promoting literacy by the National Literacy Secretariat touches on the following topics:
- the importance of literacy;
- the role of the National Literacy Secretariat;
- the importance of partnerships in expanding the literacy skills of Canadians;
- the concept that literacy and learning are inseparable and the importance of being committed to lifelong learning.

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Standing up for Literacy (2006)

Pre-budget Consultations

This is the (MCL) Movement for Canadian Literacy’s submission to the federal Pre-Budget Consultations of April 2006. In their recommendations, they have highlighted areas that they believe the federal government can and should address immediately.

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Evaluating Outreach Strategies and Events (2003)

Final Report

Over an eleven-month period, the Evaluating Outreach Strategies and Events (EOSE) project evolved from the need to better understand how to reach out to potential learners in the Tri-County area to a pilot implementation strategy that involved two spokespeople, two new promotional materials with a focused message and a targeted outreach model based on word-of- mouth referrals.

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Summer Reading Club (2005)

Outreach Library Service through a Neighbourhood Storytent Program

This document contains some information to guide libraries in alternative ways to engage hard to reach children in their programs. It describes Saint John, New Brunswick's “Storytent Summer Reading Club Outreach” program (2003-2004) and how to implement this type of program in your community.

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Literacy & Inuit Women (2001)

Workshop Report to Pauktuutit

This report describes a literacy workshop that was carried out at Pauktuutit's Annual General Meeting on October 27, 2000. The purpose of the workshop was to involve Inuit women across the north in a conversation about literacy in their communities.

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Literacy Counts (1990)

Literacy is important - to individuals, in order for them to cope with the demands of everyday life in the workplace, home and community - as well as for the country as a whole.

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How To Kit - "Get Caught Reading" & other Literacy Promotion Ideas (2004)

This How to Kit is intended to help groups or individuals promote literacy in a community. This kit includes:
- Information about why literacy is important to your community.
- Key literacy messages.
- Information on how to promote literacy and who you can work with in your community.
- Ideas for promoting literacy.

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Literacy and What You Can Do (2002)

The Literacy is for Life Fact Sheet series is a series of two-pager highlights on literacy and related topics.

This Fact Sheet highlights Literacy and What You Can Do – “Literacy is everyone's issue! There's something that everyone can do to promote literacy and lifelong learning.”

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