Minority groups

Finding Their Voice: (2005)

Civic Engagement Among Aboriginal and New Canadians

Why is it important to have a greater understanding of how Aboriginal Canadians and New Canadians engage in civic life and what their values are? Given current demographic trends, these groups are and will continue to be increasingly important players in the way Canada is growing and changing. During the 1990s, more immigrants came to Canada than in any previous decade.

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South Asian Women Academics in Montreal (1994)

Women's Education des femmes, Spring 1994 - Vol. 11, No. 1

During the second half of the twentieth century, women academics in Canadian post-secondary institutions increased in number and also became more ethnically diverse. However, the author found that the existing research considered women faculty members as one group, thus hiding the situation of ethnic minority women.

This paper attempts to remedy this situation by reporting on a study of South Asian women academics in Montreal.

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Urban Black and Caribbean Canadian Community Learning Resource Network Project (2003)

Final Report

This document is the final report of The Urban Black Community Learning Network, UBCLN, a technologically focused outreach project aimed primarily at assisting marginalized members of the community. The overall purpose of the project is and has been to advance awareness of technology tools and their application as a strategy for social, economic and learning development.

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