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Summary: Community Outreach Initiative (2008)

Francophone Community Outreach Report

This document summarizes the report prepared by the Adult Learning Knowledge Centre (AdLKC) after a series of in-person meetings and teleconferences with official-language minority groups in Atlantic Canada. The object of the exercise was to build awareness of the AdLKC; identify the main challenges faced by stakeholders in the field of adult learning; and propose concrete measures for moving forward.

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The Canadian Component of the 2003 International Adult Literacy and Skills Survey (IALSS): The Situation of Official Language Minorities (2006)

Considering the importance of literacy and the skills that individuals require in a knowledge and information economy, it is clear that the vitality of official language minorities largely depends on them having the tools and information that they need in order to grow and develop.

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A Booklet Intended for Parents (2002)

This booklet is also available in French.

Mot de passe: littératie is a serie published by the Council of Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training (CAMET) for the purpose of educating and providing tools to various literacy partners. The booklet intended for parents contains these sections:

Password: Literacy
Reading at Home
Types of Readers
List of Activities and Resources

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Literacy in Canada - Disparity Between Francophones and Anglophones (2001)

A data analysis from the 1994 International Adult Literacy Survey

This recent study analyses the disparities in literacy levels between francophones and anglophones in Canada. It is based on data from the 1994 International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS), the development and management of which were co-ordinated by Statistics Canada. Like many earlier surveys, the 1994 IALS identified sizable differences in literacy levels between francophones and anglophones.

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