Oral language

"Talk to Me!": Oral language development with young children (2012)

This document focuses on the importance of oral language development and offers tips for parents to use to help their children develop language skills. The authors explain that children develop language over time and tell parents what to expect at each stage from infancy through the preschool years.

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Nova Scotia TriPartite Forum Proceedings - July 2005 (2005)

On July 5, 2005, the Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Labour convened a Tripartite Forum on labour/management relations in the province. The Canadian Labour and Business Centre was asked to help to organize and facilitate the Forum.

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Portfolio Assessment Initiative (2001)

This portfolio assessment initiative has several lists of goals for students and teachers. It includes:
- personal goals
- reading progress checklist
- listening and speaking progress checklist
- writing progress checklist and,
- mathematics progress checklist

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AWAL Guide (2006)

Handbook For Facilitators

The AWAL Guide: Handbook for Facilitators is essentially “AWAL in a box.” The background information, suggestions, and resources collected here are intended to provide you with the tools and support you need to understand, plan for, deliver, and benefit from an AWAL Workshop for your organization.

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Auding and Reading (1974)

A Developmental Model

Many adults lack sufficient literacy skills for technical training and successful career progression. Because of the crucial
role that literacy plays in instruction and job performance information regarding the nature of literacy skills and their
development is needed. Such information should prove useful in the development of literacy training programs, and in the

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