Oral reading

The First Step (2004)

This guide helps assess your students proficiency in the following literacy skills. It also includes answer sheets for literacy practitioners.

It includes:
- An Initial Interview Guide
- Literacy Skills Testing (LBS 1-3)
- Literacy Skills Testing (LBS 4-5)
- Numeracy Skills Testing (LBS 1-3)
- Numeracy Skills Testing (LBS 4-5)
- Oral Assessment 1
- Oral Assessment 2

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Portfolio Assessment Initiative (2001)

This portfolio assessment initiative has several lists of goals for students and teachers. It includes:
- personal goals
- reading progress checklist
- listening and speaking progress checklist
- writing progress checklist and,
- mathematics progress checklist

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Academic Studies English - Introduction to Reading Comprehension (1999)

Support Materials and Exercises

This is one of a series of support modules intended for the use of adults improving their literacy skills. Each module is matched to objectives and teaching points outlined in the Basic Academic Upgrading Curriculum Plan (English) (BAU-ENG) and/or the Intermediate Academic Upgrading – English Curriculum Plan (IAU-ENG), both New Brunswick Community College documents.

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The Challenges of Literacy and Employment - Facilitator's Notes (1995)

A collaborative project between Prospects Literacy Association and Edmonton Recycling Society. The focus of the project has been the experiences of two adults who are involved in a basic literacy program and who are employed as sorters at Edmonton Recycling Society.

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