Building Aboriginal Literacy (2006)

Share Your Language, Share Your Culture

The Northwest Territories has eleven official languages -- nine of these are Aboriginal. To maintain and revitalize these languages, it's important for children to learn their language. This booklet will help families support language development within the family. The activities are simple and can be part of everyday living.

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Quality Storytents (2006)

A Resource for Family, Early Childhood and Community Literacy Workers

The Quality Storytent Program is a means of providing literacy access and support where these might not otherwise appear.

The document includes the following:
1- An introduction to storytent
2- The philosophy behind it
3- How to plan for one
4- How to deliver a Quality storytent
5- Special challenges
6- References and indexes.

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That's the Way I Like It (2005)

This book is intended for adults who already have acquired the reading skills and knowledge of a beginning and mid-stage one learner.

This book has four chapters:

Chapter 1 - The Mudd Family
Chapter 2 - A Big Problem
Chapter 3 - A Family Meeting
Chapter 4 - That's the Way I Like it!

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Language, Literacy & Healthy Development: The Work of CAPC and CPNP Projects (2004)

Literacy is related in multiple ways to healthy development. Consequently, it has become a serious concern for Health Canada. The effects of literacy on health are both direct and indirect; whether the health issue is the safe administration of medications and infant formulas or the ability to secure food and housing, literacy is involved.

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Great Beginnings - "About Pregnancy and Parenting" (2002)

Advice From Real People

Maggie's Place Family Resource Centre created this easy-to-read handbook to help answer new and expecting parents' questions. The book was put together with the help of several groups of new and expecting moms from Cumberland County, Nova Scotia.

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Directory - Programs and Initiatives for Family Literacy Education and Support in New Brunswick (English) (2010)

This directory lists programs and initiatives that provide family literacy education and support in
New Brunswick. It is divided into two sections, with the first section listing province-wide initiatives that offer programs or services in many communities around New Brunswick. The second section lists local programs and initiatives by county.

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Finding Lost Luggage (1996)

Journeys in Language, Learning and Culture

Finding Lost Luggage by Helen Woodrow is a story in the book Wayfering Journeys in Language, Learning and Culture, it is a collection of writings by ABE instructors and students in Newfoundland brought together for a "language awareness project", designed to explore attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge about language and the teaching of language.

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A Booklet Intended for Parents (2002)

This booklet is also available in French.

Mot de passe: littératie is a serie published by the Council of Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training (CAMET) for the purpose of educating and providing tools to various literacy partners. The booklet intended for parents contains these sections:

Password: Literacy
Reading at Home
Types of Readers
List of Activities and Resources

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How To Kit - Culture and Traditions (2004)

Children learn their culture by taking part in traditional activities within the family and in the community, and by learning the language that represents that culture. Building your family literacy activities around your culture and traditions and using your Aboriginal language as often as you can will give your child a strong foundation for learning.

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How To Kit - Involving Families in Children's Learning (2003)

In this How to Kit, you will find information on why educational programs should involve parents/families in children's learning; information on the benefits of involving parents; tips for programs on how to get parents involved in a meaningful way and practical ideas for parents to support their children's learning.
PDF version also available in sections.

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