Participants' Handbook: Making Effective Presentations & Safety Talks (2009)

Effective Presentations and Safety Talks is a hands-on resource package developed to provide organizations with communication skills training for supervisors, safety trainers, lead hands and other employees interested in improving public speaking skills. The package is divided into five one-hour sections with each topic representing one hour of training.

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What Learners Want (2006)

A Summary of Focus Groups and Interviews with Adult Learners in Saskatchewan

This document includes:
- An Introduction — Executive Summary
- A Summary of Focus Groups
- Personal Interviews Regarding other SLN Services
- Report Summary
- Appendices

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Trails to Literacy Around the Province (2002)

Positive Pathways To A Brighter Future

This report is developed to assist literacy agencies and their partners in developing a Trails to Literacy project. Trails is a ‘participatory’ learning concept developed to link learner-driven literacy upgrading with community marketing.

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AWAL Guide (2006)

Handbook For Facilitators

The AWAL Guide: Handbook for Facilitators is essentially “AWAL in a box.” The background information, suggestions, and resources collected here are intended to provide you with the tools and support you need to understand, plan for, deliver, and benefit from an AWAL Workshop for your organization.

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Adult Education for Abundance and Liberty for All (2006)

Celebrating 40 Years of the Adult Education and Literacy System of the United States

The author discusses 40 years of Adult Education in the United States. This year, they celebrate 40 years of Adult Literacy and Literacy System that was created by the Adult Education Act of 1966, and which continues today as Title 2: The Adult Education and Family Literacy Act of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998.

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A Literacy Practitioner's Guide to Audiographic Teleconferencing (1996)

The idea to pursue Literacy Training Through Audiographic Teleconferencing as a literacy project began in the fall of 1992. The Business Studies Department at Lakeland College in Vermilion, Alberta had begun distance delivery using this technology. My husband, Barton, was the instructor for the course being delivered. His involvement in the project initiated

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