Personal development

Into a New Light: Respect and Dignity for All (1999)

A Literacy and Economic Rights Resource Reader

A Literacy and Economic Rights Resource Reader, designed to create awareness of human rights and to help with the learning process in adult basic education.

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Creating a Learning Culture - Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice (1997)

This manual outlines eleven learners' conferences, through providing agendas for sessions with full groups, small groups, and individuals.

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Project Self (1999)

Self Esteem For Life Fulfilment

This workbook is a tool to help you discover and use your strengths for successful living. The lessons in this workbook will help you become more confident, relate better to others, and gain greater control of your life. Project SELF integrates self esteem and daily living skills. In other words, this workbook concentrates on building self esteem for the everyday world of social interaction, employment, learning and family.

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