12 Days of Poetry (2012)

This document was published by the Yukon Literacy Council (YLC) to launch a seasonal literacy campaign featuring the work of 12 local poets. During the campaign, which ran from November 30 to December 21, 2012, the poems were read on the local radio station and appeared in the local newspaper.

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Poetry for Northern Learners: English 120 (2011)

This curriculum unit is part of a series developed for use in adult literacy and basic education programs.

The authors note that teaching poetry at the English 120 level presents many of the same challenges as it does at the 110 level, but the task is a little easier because learners at this level are more independent readers and writers.

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Mother Raven Nursery Rhymes (1992)

This booklet is a collection of nursery rhymes with a twist, featuring traditional rhymes rewritten to reflect the experiences of Canada’s North.

For instance, “Peter Peter, Pumpkin Eater” becomes “Peter Peter, Dryfish Eater” and Mary has a little lynx, rather than a lamb.

Each rhyme is illustrated with a black and white drawing.

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Poetry for Northern Learners: English 110 (2011)

This curriculum unit has been developed for use by practitioners working with learners at the 110 level in adult basic education. Other units in the series provide material at the 120 and 130 levels.

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Poetry for Northern Learners: English 130 (2011)

This curriculum unit, part of a series developed for use in adult literacy and basic education programs, is aimed at learners who are independent readers and writers, and are ready to develop critical thinking, reading, and viewing skills.

It includes four poetry studies, each anchored by one main poem that highlights one of the following techniques: metaphor; personification; repeated sounds; and symbol.

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More Northern Writes Study Guide (2008)

From 1992 – 2002, the NWT Literacy Council hosted a northern writing contest called the Northern Writes Writing Contest. This study guide offers learning activities for four stories from the contest. The guide starts with two writing resources for adult learners: writing skills (for lower literacy learners) and the writing process guide. The guide is then divided into four sections, one for each of the stories.

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Tales From The Island (2007)

A Collection of Cape Breton Poetry and Prose

Tales From The Island is an anthology of work produced by the members of the Sydney Seniors’ Writing Circle. A few of these selections were previously included in other publications, but most were written since October 2006 and are published here for the first time.

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Quality Storytents (2006)

A Resource for Family, Early Childhood and Community Literacy Workers

The Quality Storytent Program is a means of providing literacy access and support where these might not otherwise appear.

The document includes the following:
1- An introduction to storytent
2- The philosophy behind it
3- How to plan for one
4- How to deliver a Quality storytent
5- Special challenges
6- References and indexes.

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Dani Harder - Memories of a Life Well Lived (2002)

For almost three years, Dani was a volunteer tutor in the Independent Studies program at Frontier College, where she acted as a classroom teaching assistant helping students in our three literacy classes to learn.

This is a tribute to Dani and a life well lived.

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Academic Studies English - IAU Reading Comprehension: Part A - Poetry (1999)

Support Materials and Exercises

This is one of a series of support modules intended for the use of adults improving their literacy skills. Each module is matched to objectives and teaching points outlined in the Basic Academic Upgrading Curriculum Plan (English) (BAU-ENG) and/or the Intermediate Academic Upgrading – English Curriculum Plan (IAU-ENG), both New Brunswick Community College documents.

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