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Document Use Indicator (2005)

A Guide for Employers and Employees

The Document Use Indicator is a tool that can be used by employers to learn more about the document use skills of their employees. It gives an indication of skill levels by providing ten examples of Level 1 and Level 2 assessment questions. The questions duplicate actual workplace tasks performed in a variety of occupations, but they do not require specialized knowledge to be correctly answered.

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Unlocking Language: The Classic Readability Studies (2006)

Volume 1: 1921-E. L. Thorndike and the Familiar Word

This document includes:
- Introduction
- Word Knowledge in the Elementary School
- The Word Counts and Credits
- General Results- The Results in Detail
- The Adequacy of the Counts
- Uses of the List in the Teacher's Word Book
- The Establishment and Clarification of Standards
- The Evaluation of Text-Books
- Selection and Graduation of Readers
- Material for Phonic Drills

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