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Can you learn how to learn for life? Components from expert learning research (2009)

Journal of Applied Research on Learning, Vol. 2, Special Issue, Article 4, 2009

The author of this paper reviews research literature on expert learners to identify three components that can promote the goal of lifelong learning.

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Will Employers Want Aging Boomers? (2008)

Discussion Paper Series

This report examines the current employer demand in the United States for older workers and explores how demand may be changing over time. It discusses the personal and social benefits of increased work by older adults, the reasons why baby boomers are likely to try to work longer than earlier generations, and whether employers appear to want older workers.

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Defining the Future: Embracing our Girls (2004)

A Community-Based Needs Evaluation

This report discusses a project dedicated to understanding the experiences of a group of female youths in Melfort, Saskatchewan and to finding ways of creating positive change in their world. The group appeared to be having a hard time dealing with everyday life.

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