Kindergarten screening for reading disabilities (2007)

Journal of Applied Research on Learning, Vol. 1, No.1, Article 5, 2007

The authors of this study designed and measured the efficacy of a kindergarten screening tool aimed at identifying children at risk for reading disabilities.

The study is a longitudinal one that followed 499 Saskatchewan children from kindergarten through Grade 3. The kindergarten screening process consisted of assessments of phonological awareness and letter-sound understanding.

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A barrier to learning: Mental health disorders among Canadian youth (2009)

Lessons in Learning – April 15, 2009

Poor mental health in Canadian schoolchildren poses a significant risk to their academic development and puts them at greater risk of suicide, substance abuse, and dropping out.

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I'm confused, is it dyslexia or is it learning disability? (2005)

The author notes that there are many myths about dyslexia and explains that having dyslexia doesn’t mean someone cannot learn.

The document contains sections on screening and assessment; intervention and support; the Simultaneous Multisensory Teaching (SMT) method; accommodations; and teaching methods.

The author has also included real-life experiences of people with dyslexia.

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Learning Disabilities (2001)

Bulletin - Issue 3 of 3, Spring 2001

This document deals with adults who have learning disabilities. Different aspects of the concept of learning disabilities are presented in this manual in simple terms. True stories of adults with learning difficulties contribute to the different parts of the manual. There are also many references to books, videos and websites that people can have access to for more information.

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