Social activities

Seniors Learning [Video - 8:55] (2009)

This video, one of a series produced by the Canadian Council on Learning, focuses on the importance of seniors staying active physically, mentally and socially.

The video, about nine minutes long, includes some people who speak in French and others who speak in English. In each case, subtitles are provided.

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On the Job: Essential Skill of Working with Others (2006)

Working with Others deals with the extent to which employees work with others to carry out their tasks. Do they work cooperatively? Do they work alone? It does not include non-task related social behaviour that occurs in the workplace, such as small talk. That is not saying small talk is not important but rather that this definition is confined to work tasks.

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We are an Island (2002)

Cape Breton Island Social Studies Resource

We are an Island is a collection of 41 lessons on Cape Breton Island social studies topics, including geography, history, civics and current events. Each lesson is accompanied by vocabulary exercises and comprehension questions. These activities are designed to meet outcomes specified by the Nova Scotia Adult Learning Program Levels 1 and 2.

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