Social awareness

Participatory Literacy Practices (1996)

Exploring Social Identity and Relations

This article discusses the outcomes of an 8-month study on participatory literacy practices in five adult literacy programs in Alberta, Canada. The findings indicated that identity politics play a pivotal role in how power is distributed in literacy programs.

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Publicity! (1998)

How You Can Publicize Volunteerism and National Volunteer Week In Your Community

This guide has been developed to help smaller volunteer centres and other voluntary organizations use the media to publicize activities that promote volunteerism at the community level.

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Promoting Volunteerism (1991)

Voluntary Action Directorate

This book is intended as a guide to use when planning activities that relate to promoting volunteerism. This includes activities that:
1) contribute to increased public awareness of the contribution of volunteers to a particular voluntary organization, to the larger community or to Canadian society in general; and

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The Canadian Heritage Community Partnership and Voluntarism Collection (1997)

This page provides links to a collection of 15 publications, grouped under the following headings:
1. Recruiting Volunteers: "Volunteering: A Traditional Canadian Value" "Why People Volunteer" "Stronger Together" "Bridges to the Future" "Family Volunteering: The Ties That Bind" "Volunteering for Work Experience" "A Springboard to Tomorrow"

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